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Previous Recipients

2019, New York, USA


Yifeng Wan (Johns Hopkins University, USA), "When the State Retreats: Work Units, Marital Regulation, and Rising Divorce Rates in China"

Honorable Mention:

Wen Xie (University of Chicago, USA), "Double Bounded Autonomy and Regional Development: Pathways toward Capitalism in China"

2018, Princeton, USA


Cheng Cheng (Princeton University, USA), "Women's Education, Intergenerational Coresidence, and Household Decision-Making in China"

Fangqi Wen (New York University, USA), "Differential Fertility, Assortative Mating and Economic Inequality: An Unintended Consequence of China's One-Child Policy"

Co-Honorable Mentions:

Ran Liu (University of Pennsylvannia, USA), “Gender-Math Stereotype, Biased Self-Assessment, and Aspiration in STEM Careers: The Gender Gap among Early Adolescents in China”

Angran Li (University of Connecticut, USA), "Unfulfilled Promise of Educational Meritocracy? Academic Ability and Urban-Rural Gap in Access to Higher Education in China"